Kick Ass Kickstarters


Kick Ass Kickstarters

The creativity and ambition of Mixer’s designers can’t be confined to our studio. We are not surprised when we see our team members delivering incredible ideas and vision for our clients but it is great to also see these talents reaching out into the greater design and manufacturing community. Two of our designers recently launched hugely successful Kickstarter campaigns for distinctly designed items; a unique game set and a beautifully crafted writing instrument.

Designer Nick Poteracki is an avid fan of both traditional and electronic gaming. Nick created Arena Rex, a gladiator miniatures and arena skirmish game in a world where history, myth, and legend intersect. Nick’s creation offers beautifully modelled miniatures, compelling gameplay and a unique architecture that allows players to create unlimited board configurations and play environments.

Arena Max attracted a remarkable 1,141 backers and hundreds of thousands of dollars in no time and Nick and his partners had to scramble to meet the demand for this popular product. One big reason for the demand of this game is the huge array of beautifully sculpted miniature gladiator figures that have become hot collectables.

Designer Andrew Sanderson has always enjoyed mechanical pencils to sketch out his ideas and design concepts. He found that most all of the mechanical pencils available were poorly constructed and were less than desirable to hold in your hand.

Andrew spent the early years of his career in the mechanical maintenance and repair of military aircraft.  From this he developed a great appreciation for the value and high craftsmanship of great tool design. Andrew spent hours in the machine shop refining a writing instrument that he wanted touch and hold and work with for a very long time. A lifetime in fact. Andrew created a beautifully machined and handcrafted mechanical pencil appropriately named “A Mechanical Pencil That Will Last You a Lifetime”.

Like Nick, Andrew had modest expectations for the popularity of his sleek and elegant design. Soon after launching his design the orders came rushing in. A cameo piece about his product in Core77 only added more fuel to the fire. Thankfully, Andrew already had a completely engineered, tested and producible design in hand along with a reliable manufacturing partner in Chicago to deliver on his promise. Many of the orders are arriving just in time for the holiday gift season to lucky designers, writers and lovers of fine hand-made tools.