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News and Ideas

Dell gaming laptop design by Mixer.

New Alienware gaming laptop screams to market!

Once again, Dell taps Mixer to define the industrial design brand language of their latest gaming laptop offering. Our creative team worked closely with the Dell Experience team to deliver the ultimate gaming experience.

Check out this article in The Verge about it!

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Radar Pace Engineered by Mixer Design

Wearable Design Tech and Specialized Expertise

The Radar Pace is an excellent example of a fully integrated wearable that employs ergonomics, biometrics, GPS, wireless coms and advanced manufacturing methods. 

Check out his amazing example done with Intel and Oakley. It enables atheletes to leverage real time training input that is informed by biometrics, GPS and personalized training regimens.



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Mixer People Industrial Designer Nick Poteracki

Mixer People - Nick Poteracki. An eye-opening PC, and a path.

A bad PowerPoint, an eye-opening PC, and a path.

My introduction to industrial design came from the most nervous man I had ever met. Columbia College Chicago sent a representative to give a PowerPoint presentation about creative careers to a class of bored high school art students. We were just a few weeks away from graduating.

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Staples® Easy System designed by Mixer Group

Cool IoT Easy Button

Check out our new "Internet of Things" Easy Button concept, a key component of the Staples® Easy System ordering platform. Designed in Austin, TX by Mixer's team of industrial design and engineering experts. This modern interpretation of the world recognized icon enables people to make office supply orders using their voice and accurate natural language recognition software. With one delightful feeling button push, ordering Staples products has now become, well…easy!

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Blake West, Mixer Design Group, Principal, Mechanical Engineer

Creative fiddling with Blake West - Founding Partner, Mixer Design Group

I didn’t realize it at the time, but studying violin in my youth would give me inspiration, insights, and have many parallels to my future work in product design.

A couple of years into playing I realized that not only was I fascinated with the music, but also with the very instrument itself. A violin has such detailed beauty and cleverness. Its old world technology inspired me to learn more about it. All of the stringed instruments in the orchestra are scaled versions of the same basic design and I thought that was pretty cool. I was captivated.

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