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Matt Grossman - Industrial Designer - Mixer Design Group

Ready to Rocket: Matt Grossman, Industrial Designer

The thing that eventually inspired me to get into industrial design was the space shuttle. I keep this toy version on my desk.


I grew up in the 80s and I saw space shuttles everywhere, but I didn’t know what it was about them that made me think they were cool. I mean, yes, they went into space, but they also looked good. It was only years later that I understood that I was attracted to it because it looked the way it did because it had to.


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Autonomous vehicle Hydrogen Fueling Station by Mixer Design Group

Design Exploration on Autonomy and Gas Stations

Check out this article we prepared for a manufacturer of gasoline pumps to explore the place in the market for traditional fuels in the autonomus vehicle market.


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An Tran Lead - Mechanical Engineer at Mixer Design Group

Music Player Maestro: An Tran, Senior Mechanical Engineer

I was always intrigued with portable music players. I was 8 years old or so when the first Sony Walkman came out. I followed them from then on. I always had to have the latest Walkman.

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Wearable Technology products. Smart Eyewear. Smart Glasses Design

The New Shape of Smart Glasses

Extremely tight packaging of electronics and critical human factors are essential for this next generation of smart wearable eyewear. Only specialized teams can deliver this tech.

Check out this video on The Verge to see the future of Smart Eyewear!

Click here to view  -  Intel Vaunt Video

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Bennett Nadeau - Mixer Design Mechanical Engineer

Spheres of influence: Bennett Nadeau, mechanical engineer

I got them as a gift when I was in high school. Then there were some incidents where little kids were swallowing them and getting them stuck in their stomachs and they became illegal. I’m glad I got mine before then.


I would just sit and watch TV and play with them for hours. Even now I have them at my desk—I play with them when I’m bored or stuck. They make all sorts of cool shapes. They represent endless possibilities. They are irresistible, these little round magnets. They’re called Bucky Balls.


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